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Croquet North is a regional federation of croquet clubs in the North-East of England. The objective of the Federation is to promote the game of croquet in the North of England by providing a forum and focus for its member clubs. [History and objectives]

The croquet season typically runs from April to September, although some clubs may have some play during the winter months when weather allows. Member clubs are Alnwick, Auckland, Bamburgh, Belsay Hall, Croquet Durham, Middlesbrough and Tyneside. This site provides brief information on each club and, for several of them, a link to the club's own website.

Croquet North organises tournaments and leagues for individuals and club teams. There is a level play Golf Croquet league and a handicap play Association Croquet league for our member clubs. Some of our clubs are also involved in the East Pennines League along with some clubs from the North West Federation.

There are several Croquet North championships each season for individual members of CN clubs, as well as some doubles tournaments. Entry forms for these are generally available around April each year. Our Fixtures page lists CN events for the current/forthcoming season and gets updated with results and links to further information.

For much more information on croquet, including tournaments taking place outside the North-East, visit the website of The Croquet Association, the national governing body for the sport of Croquet in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. On their site you can also find the laws of Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.