CN Association Croquet Championships 2000:

Each event in the year 2000 championships consisted of a draw and process. Full results are given below.

Handicap singles:

Round 1Round 2Round 3Semi-finalsFinalWinner
Don Wright (bye)Don WrightSheila Watts (+25)Sheila Watts (+3)Geoff Taylor (+10)Geoff Taylor
Sheila Watts v John GrantSheila Watts (+19)
John Norris (bye)John NorrisDerek Watts (+10)
Liz Nisbet v Derek WattsDerek Watts (+4)
David Turner v Geoff TaylorGeoff Taylor (+17)Geoff Taylor (+23)Geoff Taylor (+24)
John Moore (bye)John Moore
Bruce Rannie v Charles TopazBruce Rannie (+12)Bruce Rannie (+20)
Derek Trotman (bye)Derek Trotman
Geoff Taylor (bye)Geoff TaylorGeoff Taylor (+15)Geoff Taylor (+13)Geoff Taylor (+25)
Charles Topaz v John NorrisCharles Topaz (+3)
John Grant (bye)John GrantLiz Nisbet (+15)
Derek Trotman v Liz NisbetLiz Nisbet (+17)
Don Wright v David TurnerDon Wright (+5)Bruce Rannie (+7)Bruce Rannie (+19)
Bruce Rannie (bye)Bruce Rannie
John Moore v Sheila WattsJohn Moore (+13)John Moore (+21)
Derek Watts (bye)Derek Watts

Advanced singles:

Round 1Round 2Semi-finalsFinalWinner
Derek Trotman (bye)Derek TrotmanBrian Kennedy (+17)John Moore (+14)John Moore (+3)
John Grant v Brian KennedyBrian Kennedy (+20)
John Moore v Geoff TaylorJohn Moore (+7)John Moore (+2)
John Norris v Don WrightDon Wright (+26)
John Moore (bye)John MooreJohn Moore (+18)Don Wright (+3)
Brian Kennedy v John NorrisBrian Kennedy (+9)
Geoff Taylor v Derek TrotmanGeoff Taylor (+21)Don Wright (+3)
Don Wright v John GrantDon Wright (+6)

Handicap doubles:

Round 1:

Round 2Round 3Semi-finalsFinalWinners
D Watts and S Watts v D Old and C WardD Watts and S Watts (+5)B Rannie and J Moore (+2)B Rannie and J Moore (+9)B Rannie and J Moore (+10)
B Rannie and J Moore v C Waterfield and R BarryB Rannie and J Moore (+11)
L Nisbet and C Topaz v G Taylor and P TaylorL Nisbet and C Topaz (+7)J Grant and D Robinson (+16)
D Wright and D Turner v J Grant and D RobinsonJ Grant and D Robinson (+4)
C Waterfield and R Barry v D Trotman and B KennedyC Waterfield and R Barry (+20)C Waterfield and R Barry (+2)J Grant and D Robinson (+8)
G Taylor and P Taylor v D Old and C WardG Taylor and P Taylor (+14)
D Watts and S Watts v L Nisbet and C TopazD Watts and S Watts (+24)J Grant and D Robinson (+1T)
J Grant and D Robinson v B Rannie and J MooreJ Grant and D Robinson (+14)

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