CN Association League 2014

League Manager's Report:

This year the league was won by Belsay Hall. Middlesbrough Resolution and Tyneside had the same number of points, but less game wins. When the last match (between Resolution and Tyneside) was played a large number of outcomes were possible. I understand that this was a very closely fought match and in the last game (doubles) after time had been called a failed peg–out by Tyneside was followed in the final turn by a 5-hoop three-ball break and peg-out by Middlesbrough, to win the game and achieve a draw in the match.

We welcomed York back into the league and although they did not win a match it provided match experience for some of their new players. There was at least one other new player from the Croquet North clubs. A total of 28 players took part.

All matches were played. Thanks to all the club contacts for the prompt return of results sheets and keeping me informed of postponements, which is useful and much appreciated.

Any suggestions for increasing the number of teams (and so matches) for the league would be appreciated.

[John Norris]

Final league table:

1Belsay Hall 42111065
2=Middlesbrough (Resolution) 4211975
2=Tyneside 4130975
4Middlesbrough (Endeavour) 4112883
5York 40224122


25th - Middlesbrough (Endeavour) 4 - 0 York

8th - Middlesbrough (Resolution) 3 - 1 Middlesbrough (Endeavour)
8th - Tyneside 2 - 2 York

13th - Belsay Hall 3 - 1 Middlesbrough (Endeavour)
13th - York 0 - 4 Middlesbrough (Resolution)

17th - Tyneside 2 - 2 Middlesbrough (Endeavour)
17th - Middlesbrough (Resolution) 0 - 4 Belsay Hall

7th - Belsay Hall 1 - 3 Tyneside
21st - York 2 - 2 Belsay Hall
28th - Middlesbrough (Resolution) 2 - 2 Tyneside