CN Golf Croquet Championships 2005:

Level-Play Singles:

Preliminary round:
Match 1: John Moore v Phil Errington
Match 2: Freda Vitty v Megs Rogers

Round 1Round 2Semi-finalsFinalWinner
Megs Rogers v Jacqui OldJacqui Old (+2,+4)Bruce Rannie (+5,+3)Phil Errington (-2,+1,+1)Phil Errington (w/o)
Bruce Rannie v David TurnerBruce Rannie (+2,+1)
Par Badhan v Eugene BradyPar Badhan (+7,+5)Phil Errington
Freda Vitty v Phil Errington (-1,+3,+5)Phil Errington (+2,+6)
Eugene Brady v Bruce RannieBruce Rannie (+4,+4)Bruce Rannie (+10,+5)Bruce Rannie (-1,+3,+2)
Jacqui Old v John MooreJohn Moore (+2,+2)
Phil Errington v Par BadhanPhil Errington (+4,-2,+3)Freda Vitty
David Turner v Freda Vitty (+7,+4)Freda Vitty (+5,+4)

Handicap Doubles:

Since only four pairs were entered for this year's championship, the decision was made to hold a one-day tournament at Auckland Croquet Club to decide the winners. Held on 1st October, the event consisted of the best of three 13-point games with each pair playing against the other three pairs.

The pairs were:
A. Jane Pringle (+2) and Freda Vitty (-1)
B. Freda Rogers (+3) and Pat Rogers (-1)
C. Jaqui Old (+3) and David Turner (-1)
D. Carol Brady (+3) and Eugene Brady (-1)


Round One   Jane P / Freda V beat Pat R / Freda R   -1  +4  +1
            Carol B / Eugene B beat  Jaqui O / David T   +3  -4  +2

Round Two   Jane P / Freda V  beat Jaqui O / David T   +3  +6
            Freda R / Pat R beat Carol B / Eugene B   +1 -4 +2

Round Three   David T / Jaqui O beat Freda R / Pat R   +2  +1
              Jane P / Freda V drew Carol B / Eugene B	-4  +1 *
     * third game not played - result of tournament decided

Final Positions:

Winners	  Jane Pringle / Freda Vitty   2.5 pts (+3 net games)
Second    Carol Brady / Eugene Brady   1.5 pts ( 0  "    "  )
Third     Jaqui Old / David Turner     1.0 pt  (-1  "    "  )
Fourth	  Freda Rogers / Pat Rogers    1.0 pt  (-1  "    "  )

The winners were presented with the "Pat and Geoff Taylor Plates".

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