CN Golf Croquet League 2002

Final league table 2002:

For this year, the league switched to using level-play rather than handicaps.

1Tyneside 440047258
2Auckland Blues 320137174
3Belsay 311128263
4Auckland Royals411232403
5Middlesbrough 400418540

Results for 2002:

Auckland BluesAuckland RoyalsBelsayMiddlesbroughTyneside
Auckland Blues-W 13-5Not playedW 16-2L 8-10
Auckland RoyalsL 5-13-D 9-9W 10-8L 8-10
BelsayNot playedD 9-9-W 12-6L 7-11
MiddlesbroughL 2-16L 8-10L 6-12-L 2-16
TynesideW 10-8W 10-8W 11-7W 16-2-