2017 Inter Federation Challenge Match - Yorkshire v CN.

[30th September 2017, York.]

The second Inter Federation Challenge between the Yorkshire Federation and Croquet North took place at York CC's home ground at Scarcroft, York on September 30th. The challenge is between eight players from each federation, drawn from AC and GC codes, to play AC alternate stroke doubles; best of three GC doubles; and single game one ball during the day. [more]

2017 Tyneside Advanced Weekend.

[29th - 30th July 2017]

David Maugham won the Tyneside Advanced Weekend winning all his 7 games. [more]

2016 GC Inter Counties Championships. Southwick, Sussex.

[20th-21st August 2016]

In August 2016 at Sussex County Croquet Club, the combined Durham/Yorkshire team came second to a very strong unbeaten Middlesex. The competition takes place over two days and consists of playing 11 other counties, each round consisting of 2 singles and 1 doubles. [more]

2016 CN GC Team Open. Bamburgh.

[18th June 2016]

7 teams on 3 lawns were accommodated. Alnmouth & Alnwick won with 21 points. [more]

2016 Tyneside Quaich. Middlesbrough.

[18th May 2016]

The annual meeting of the northern AC playing croquet clubs to vie for the Tyneside Quaich on Wednesday 18th May resulted in a resounding victory for the host club - 4.5 games to 1.5 games. [more]

2015 AC Progressive Doubles Tournament. Middlesbrough.

[11th September 2015, report added 13th September 2015]

Eight (only) competitors, from Belsay, M’bro and Auckland, came to take part in the annual Croquet North AC Progressive Doubles in fine late summer sunshine. Entries were surprisingly few this year, but thanks go to Phil and David (both from Belsay) for having agreed to make up a sensible field of eight. [more]

2015 Tyneside Advanced CA Tournament. Tyneside.

[[1st-2nd August 2015, report added 11th August 2015]

Eight players from as far south as Essex, far north as Edinburgh, far west as Keswick and east with local members came to contest the annual CA Advanced Tournament at Tyneside. As per usual, the player Manager, David Maugham, did not let us down as he proceeded to demolish us all with a fine display of skill - winning all his 7 games including 5 sxp's (with one stp) [more]

2015 Tyneside Midweek Handicap. Tyneside.

[2nd-4th June 2015, report added 10th August 2015]

Chris Roberts won the Tyneside Handicap tournament by winning 6/7 games and Nigel Roberts (Middlesbrough) came second with 4 wins. On 3 days of dry sunny weather (but windy on the first day) players came from Edinburgh, Oxfordshire, Lancashire and a couple of locals - there were handicaps ranging from 16 to -1. [more]

2015 Tyneside Quaich Tournament. Tyneside.

[18th May 2015, report added May 27th]

The TCC Quaich 2015 took place at Tyneside this year on Monday 18th May and the host club were able to just snatch the trophy away from the holders Belsay Hall by 5 points. [more]

CN GC Progressive Doubles. Belsay Hall.

[11th August 2014, report added September 9th]

The Golf Croquet Progressive Doubles event at Belsay Hall on Monday 11th August had a full complement of 16 players from Durham & Belsay playing on short courts. [more]

2014 Tyneside Quaich Tournament. Belsay Hall.

[23rd June 2014, report added August 14th]

After last year's series of postponements that led to the event not being held, Belsay eventually got to host the Quaich event, AC Advanced Alternate Stroke Doubles with bisques, and wrested the trophy from Tyneside’s grasp. [more]

AC Midweek Handicap Tournament - Tyneside (CA Calendar event)

[3-5th June 2014, report added July 27th]

Eight players contested an American Block this year: seven regulars from Tyneside, Middlesbrough, Belsay and Phyllis Court were joined by new entrant Ian Hall from Keswick, impressively playing off 8 bisques in his first competitive year and winning more games than he lost. [more]

CN v SCA (B) - Middlesbrough. SCA (B) won 11-5

[10-11th May 2014, report added May 23rd]

This match was due to be played at Tyneside Croquet Club, but due to the refurbishment of Exhibition Park and the croquet pavilion not yet being complete, the match was transferred to Middlesbrough Croquet Club. [more]

AC Handicap Tournament - Middlesbrough (CA Calendar event)

[3-4th May 2014, report added May 26th]

Half of the twelve entries came from the home club (including two people in their first CA tournament), four came down the road from either Belsay or Tyneside, one from Bridlington and (making her second northern foray) Patricia Duke‑Cox came up from Lincolnshire.... [more]

Croquet North Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles 2013

[7th September 2013, report added October 13th]

The 2013 competition attracted eight pairings from five clubs: three from Belsay, two from Tyneside and one each from Auckland, Durham and host club Middlesbrough. The format was "all play all" with two points for a win and one for a draw. [more]

AC Handicap Tournament - Middlesbrough (CA Calendar event)

[8-9th May 2013, report added May 16th]

Eleven players from the North East, together with Alan Morton over from Fylde, made up our baker's dozen. Handicaps ranged from 20 down to 2. As on previous occasions an 18-point format was used with 2-hour time limits, double-banked on three excellent lawns... [more]