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AC Handicap Tournament - Middlesbrough (CA Calendar event)

[8-9th May 2013; Manager/Reporter: Charles Waterfield]

Geoff Clemence wins Middlesbrough HC 8-9th May

Eleven players from the North East, together with Alan Morton over from Fylde, made up our baker's dozen. Handicaps ranged from 20 down to 2. As on previous occasions an 18-point format was used with 2-hour time limits, double-banked on three excellent lawns. Of the 48 games played only 10 went to time (mainly involving the high bisquers).

The format was a very flexible Swiss (or incomplete American block); sequential rounds chosen to minimise waiting times and allow quicker finishers to start their next games.

Four rounds were completed each day, thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of all the competitors. Block positions were calculated using Geoff Taylor's 'comparative scoring' program (based on Gaunt & Wheeler), each player's performance being compared with everyone else's (but only counting games played against 'opponents in common').

Geoff Clemence, on 7/8 wins, came in ahead of Andrew Killick (6/8), to claim his trophy (and a handicap reduction down to 14).

1st Geoff Clemence (Belsay), 2nd Andrew Killick (Mbro), 3rd David Turner (Tyne), 4th Roger Staples (Mbro), 5th David Millener (Belsay), 6th Alan Morton (Fylde), 7th Nigel Roberts (Mbro), 8th Colin Green (Tyne), 9th= Derek Johnson & Phil Errington (Belsay), 11th Alison Heywood-Hill (Belsay), 12th Walter Sanders (Mbro).

HC changes: Geoff 18 to 14, Andrew 4 to 3.5, Walter 14 to 16.