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AC Handicap Tournament - Middlesbrough (CA Calendar event)

[3-4th May 2014; Manager/Reporter: Charles Waterfield]

Half of the twelve entries came from the home club (including two people in their first CA tournament), four came down the road from either Belsay or Tyneside, one from Bridlington and (making her second northern foray) Patricia Duke‑Cox came up from Lincolnshire. Handicaps ranged all the way from 3.5 up to 18.

As before, 18-point games with 2-hour time limits were played and with four lawns we only needed to double-bank on two. The format was an incomplete American block; sequential rounds being selected to minimise waiting times and allow quicker finishers to start their next games.

Four rounds were completed each day, thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of the competitors. Final block positions were calculated using Geoff Taylor's 'match point' program (based on Gaunt & Wheeler), each player's performance being compared pair-wise with everyone else's (only counting games played against 'opponents in common').

Final positions:

Handicap changes: Andrew Killick 3.5 to 3; Dennis Scarr 4 to 3.5