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2016 Tyneside Quaich. Middlesbrough.

[18th May 2016. Reporter: Phil Errington]

The annual meeting of the northern AC playing croquet clubs to vie for the Tyneside Quaich on Wednesday 18th May resulted in a resounding victory for the host club - 4.5 games to 1.5 games.

This was the first year only two clubs, Middlesbrough and Tyneside, participated in the tournament and a revised team composition was adopted to match the traditional format of 6 pairs of players.

Each club provided 'A', 'B' & 'C' pairs and 'A' played 'B' & 'C' of the opposing club; 'B' played 'A' & 'C'; and 'C' played 'A & 'B' in 3-hour sessions.

Interestingly the A, B & C pairings from each club had matching (2016 matrix) AC Doubles handicaps. Bisque allocation was low being in the range 1.0 to 2.5.

Individual results:
M'Boro 'A' - C. Waterfield & M. Akester lost to Tyneside 'B' D. Wright & D. Millener 13-21
M'Boro 'B' - A. Killick & J. Fitzpatrick beat Tyneside 'C' T. Vernazza & E. Nixon 26 - 14
M'Boro 'C' - R. Staples & N. Roberts beat Tyneside 'A' P. Errington & D. Johnson 26 - 16
M'Boro 'A' - drew with Tyneside 'C' 16 - 16
M'Boro 'B' - beat Tyneside 'A' 25 - 21
M'Boro 'C' - beat Tyneside 'B' 26 - 13

The weather was overcast all day with only one slight rain shower and no wind to speak of.

Middlesbrough CC's playing facilities were 'top notch' once again and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the home club members who arrived early to set out the courts and provide the refreshments.

Surprisingly for a croquet match we had the pleasure of a spectator - David Appleton - one of the architects of the tournament. David kindly agreed to present the Quaich Trophy to the winners.

David Appleton presenting trophy to winning team