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2017 Inter Federation Challenge Match - Yorkshire v CN.

[30th September 2017, York. Reporter: Ted Flexman]

The second Inter Federation Challenge between the Yorkshire Federation and Croquet North took place at York CC's home ground at Scarcroft, York on September 30th. The challenge is between eight players from each federation, drawn from AC and GC codes, to play AC alternate stroke doubles; best of three GC doubles; and single game one ball during the day. The eight Yorkshire players came from five different clubs.

Because of the double banking, it was decided that games should finish on the sounding of the clock on the nearby primary school tower. By the first stroke of one o'clock, the Yorkshire Federation was ahead 4-0 in the AC doubles (8 points). A splendid buffet lunch followed, courtesy of the Yorkshire team, so the GC games were played from two o'clock until four, with the decision that games would continue even if one team was two up. By the sombre ringing of four o'clock, this revealed that Croquet North had scored 5 games but Yorkshire had 7. The one ball games finished Yorkshire 6 and Croquet North 2, with an overall score of 21-7 in favour of the home team. Time for tea and a wonderful coffee cake.

It was good for Yorkshire to level the series following Croquet North's win last year, but the real beneficiaries are both federations in building teams, from across the AC/GC divide, that have respect for the skills and subtleties of both games, and playing with each other and for each other.

I would encourage other federations to try the Challenge - the true winner will be croquet! We look forward to going up to Middlesbrough next year.

Ted Flexman
Ripon Spa Hotel CC and York CC