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2016 GC Inter Counties Championships. Southwick, Sussex.

[20th-21st August 2016. Reporter: Freda Vitty]

In August 2016 at Sussex County Croquet Club, the combined Durham/Yorkshire team came second to a very strong unbeaten Middlesex. The competition takes place over two days and consists of playing 11 other counties, each round consisting of 2 singles and 1 doubles. This year, the team had 3 players from Durham – John Paul Moberly, Jane Pringle and Freda Vitty (manager), plus 3 representing Yorkshire – David Crawford (Chester CC), Stuart Smith (Broadwas CC) and Ed Dymock (Surbiton).

As each of the 12 counties field a minimum of 4 players each day, over the weekend there can be as many as 100 GC players assembled, a real showcase for the game. Bill Arliss, who is director of the event, has encouraged teams to play in coloured shirts; until this year, the only coloured shirts were the red worn by Glamorgan. The Durham/Yorkshire team designed and wore blue shirts with a combined logo (see photo) and it looks as though next year other teams will be following our lead.

Whether the new shirts helped us to our highest position since the team combined in 2011 or whether the very evident team spirit encouraged players to consistently perform at or above their best, it was a result we were all very proud of and who knows what the future may hold?

Four members of the Durham and Yorkshire team