CN AGM and Committee Papers

2024 AGM (Saturday 16 March)

Agenda Constitutional Changes (+ background) Chairman’s Report Secretary’s Report Minutes (draft)
Minutes (draft) of the post-AGM Committee Meeting held immediately after the AGM.
For the minutes of the 2023 AGM, see under that item below

2024 January committee Meeting (Saturday 27 January)

Agenda Minutes (draft)

2023 November Committee Meeting (Saturday 4 November)

AC Competition Report GC Competition Report Minutes (draft)

2023 AGM (Saturday 18 March)

Agenda Chair’s Report Secretary’s Report AC Report 2022 GC League Report 2022 Fixtures 2023 2023 AGM Minutes (draft)
For the minutes of the 2022 AGM, see under that item below.

2023 January Committee Meeting (Saturday 21 January)

Agenda Minutes (draft)

2022 November Committee Meeting (Saturday 5 November)

Minutes (draft)

2022 March Committee Meeting (Saturday 12 March)

Minutes (draft)

2022 AGM (Saturday 12 March)

Agenda 2021 AGM Minutes Chair’s Report Secretary’s Report AC Report GC Report
2022 AGM Minutes (draft)

2022 January Committee Meeting (Saturday 22 January)

Agenda 2021 Accounts Minutes (draft)

2021 October Committee Meeting (Saturday 30 October)

Agenda Reports Minutes (draft)

2021 March Committee Meeting (Saturday 13 March)

Agenda Fixtures Minutes (draft)

2021 AGM papers (Saturday 13 March)

The meeting will take place online via Zoom at 10 am. Please contact the Secretary, David Milliner, if you wish to attend.

Agenda 2020 AGM Minutes 2020 Accounts Secretary’s Report Chair’s Report AGM Minutes (draft) Report of CA Rep for CN and Yorks

2021 January Committee Meeting

Agenda Secretary’s Report Fixtures Minutes

2020 AGM papers

Agenda 2019 AGM minutes 2019 Accounts CA Representative’s Report 2020 AGM minutes (draft)

2020 March Committee Meeting