And the winner is …. The Manager !

The early season One Day B Level A.C. Advanced Tournament, for many years managed by Peter McDermott, was held on Sat 13th April at Albert Park, Middlesbrough under new tournament manager Dennis Scarr.

The usual 8 player entry was reduced to 5 this year with handicaps ranging from 0 to 3.5.

The tournament is known to be fast moving with quite testing time limits of two and a quarter hours with no programmed break for lunch. Despite the relatively tight time allowance only 2 games went to time.

Those taking part were Andrew Killick ( 0 ) Dennis Scarr ( 1 ) and Roger Staples ( 2.5 ) – all Middlesbrough, Terry Vernazza ( 2.5 ) from Tyneside and Ian Hall ( 3.5 ) from Keswick.

The weather was dry however a chilly breeze hung around from much of the day. In keeping with weather locally over recent days, tea time provided the best weather conditions. The lawns at Middlesbrough were, as ever, excellent.

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