Croquet North AC Progressive Doubles 2019

This year’s tournament took place on 5 September at Albert Park, Middlesbrough and was won by John Fitzpatrick with Nigel Durie as runner-up.

Eight competitors, 6 from M’bro, and 1 each from Belsay and Tyneside, took part in this annual Croquet North competition in late summer sunshine. At least we have managed to keep this light-hearted event going (unlike last year), so there needs to be more support from CN Clubs.

Again we used alternate-stroke 14‑point handicap doubles; handicap differences between pairs were divided by four. Two lawns only sufficed.  Winning pairs moved to the other lawn and then players swapped to new hi-lo partnerships for the next game.

All players accrued hoop (and match) points from their various pairings, the more important being hoop points. Five rounds were played, with 75 minute time-limits, although only one of the matches actually pegged out and there were no draws. Win 2 pts, draw 1 pt, lose 0 pts.

The final table was:

John Fitzpatrick14Mbro1056
Nigel Durie16Mbro850
Derek Johnson12Belsay837
Nigel Roberts8Mbro441
Mike Akester11Mbro434
Terry Vernazza2.5Tyne233
Julian Gibson12Mbro232
Philip Hastings16Mbro221

Charles Waterfield (Competition Manager)