Tyneside Mid-Week Handicap 1-2 June 2021

A disappointingly low number of entries meant the tournament was shortened to two days from its usual three days.  What it lacked in quantity it compensated for in quality however with the highest handicap being a 10 and two entrants having handicaps of 0 an -0.5, stronger than has been the norm.

The six entrants played an American Block with a tie breaker of the number of peg outs to reward attacking croquet.

At the end of the first day Terry Vernazza from the host club was clear at the top with a 100% record from his three games. Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) and Chris Roberts (Phyllis Court) were tied on 2 wins.

Going into the last round of games any of those three were potential winners but it was Andrew Killick who emerged victorious.  He and Chris were tied on four wins, with four peg outs, which necessitated the second tie breaker of who beat whom.  Andrew’s 26-15 win in the third round of games proved decisive.

Click here for the block results.

Derek Johnson