“East Pennines” Match 2021

The match was played at Albert Park in Middlesbrough on Saturday 11 September.

Charles Waterfield writes:

After so long a period without any matches, either home or away, it was a treat to welcome a team from Tyneside (to decide who might represent Croquet North in next year’s Secretary’s Shield). Terry Vernazza had to pull out at the last minute but persuaded John Portwood to play (John last visited when we were based at Prissick, 15 years ago).

TCC:   Derek Watts (1½), John Portwood (4), Derek Johnson (9), Nora Burbridge (18)

M’bro: Dennis Scarr (½), Nigel Roberts (8), Ken Spragg (12), Nigel Durie (14)

Three lawns were used (the other one was covered in fallen leaves), with one double-banked for two of the afternoon singles. All lawns were, unfortunately, playing on the slow side. Warm, sunny and somewhat breezy conditions. It would have been friendly to report the results using Christian names, however they fielded two Dereks and we had two Nigels!

Time-limits were 3 hours doubles and 2¾ hours singles (or 3 if double‑banked).  

Advanced Doubles

Scarr & Roberts beat Watts & Portwood +19

Advanced Singles

Scarr beat Watts +18

Roberts lost to Portwood -1t

Handicap Singles

Spragg beat Johnson +2t

Durie lost to Burbridge -2t

Spragg lost to Burbridge -1xt

Durie beat Johnson +24

RESULT – Middlesbrough beat Tyneside 4-3