Pennine Cup 2022

This years’ Pennine Cup between Croquet North and the North West Federation took place on Sunday 29 May at Pendle.

Croquet North were represented by Phil Errington (1.5), Derek Watts (2), Terry Vernazza (2.5), Derek Johnson; Nigel Roberts, and Julian Gibson (10), and North West by Steve Skelton (2.5), Neil Adams (2.5), Jim Allcock (4), John Henderson (4.5), Phil Snowden (12), and Betty Bates (16).

In the morning Advanced Doubles:
Phil E and Nigel (+13) beat Steve & John
Derek W and Julian lost to Neil & Phil (+11)
Terry & Derek J lost to Jim and Betty (4 bisques not to be used on lift shots) (+ 3)

So 2 -1 to the North West at lunch

In the afternoon the top three players on both teams played advanced with all three games going with the better handicapped player to Croquet North:
Phil E (+6) beat Steve
Derek W (+4) beat Neil
Terry (+10) beat Jim

The handicap games however all went the North West Federation way
Derek J lost to John (+8)
Nigel lost to Phil S (+7)
Julian lost to Betty (+4)

It was a wonderful day with all games played in good spirit and with some close matches, but North West prevailed 5-4.

Many thanks for Pendle’s welcome and hospitality.