Covid19 pandemic

Taking our lead from the Croquet Association, Croquet North is cancelling/postponing all competitions until at least the end of May. The dates in the various calendars have not been changed, but those events affected are marked “TBR” (to be reviewed).

Each club should decide to what extent they can play croquet on their own grounds.

AC League Tyneside vs Pendle & Craven

Phil Errington writes:

In a close fought match at Exhibition Park today (Saturday 3rd August) Tyneside CC beat Pendle & Craven 4 games to 3

Morning Games (Tyneside team first)

Phil Errington (0.5) & Don Wright (6) v Andres Webb (4) & Paul Dowdall (7) — 15-17t

Andrew Carpenter (11) v Garry Wilson (9) — 23-26
Nora Burbridge (18) v Catherine Parnell (8) — 26-9

Afternoon Games

Phil Errington (0.5) v Andrew Webb (4) —  26-13
Don Wright (6) v Paul Dowdall (7) — 13-21t
Andrew Carpenter (11) v Catherine Parnell (8) — 26-16
Nora Burbridge (18) v Garry Wilson (9) — 26-15

Overall Result        
Tyneside 4 Pendle & Craven 3

There were no triple peels in the advanced games nor any handicap changes at the end of the match.

AC League: York 3 – Tyneside Parsons 1

Report from Don Wright:

York v Tyneside Parsons on 21/7/19 

Hewell Beynton beat Alan Thwaite 12-9 — York win
Derek Johnson and Eric Dixon beat Dave Hudson and Fiona Compton 21-18 — Tyneside Parsons win
Fiona beat Derek 26-21 — York win
Dave and Hewell beat Eric and Alan 21-13 — York win