Middlesbrough B‑level AC Tournament 19-20 June 2021

This year’s tournament was won by Dennis Scarr with Anthony Miller a close runner-up.

For our twelfth B-level in Albert Park we had just eight competitors, two from the home club and six from Tyneside, Bury and Keswick. Handicaps ranged from 1 to 4.5. Time‑limits were 2¼  hrs. A single block, round-robin, was 6/7th completed with three rounds being played on the Saturday and three more on the Sunday. Given the number of ling journeys home, it was decided not to play the final round.

Both Dennis and Anthony won five games, so the result was decided by the number of hoops scored, with Dennis prevailing by 152 to 145.

The block results may be seen here.

Tyneside Mid-Week Handicap 1-2 June 2021

A disappointingly low number of entries meant the tournament was shortened to two days from its usual three days.  What it lacked in quantity it compensated for in quality however with the highest handicap being a 10 and two entrants having handicaps of 0 an -0.5, stronger than has been the norm.

The six entrants played an American Block with a tie breaker of the number of peg outs to reward attacking croquet.

At the end of the first day Terry Vernazza from the host club was clear at the top with a 100% record from his three games. Andrew Killick (Middlesbrough) and Chris Roberts (Phyllis Court) were tied on 2 wins.

Going into the last round of games any of those three were potential winners but it was Andrew Killick who emerged victorious.  He and Chris were tied on four wins, with four peg outs, which necessitated the second tie breaker of who beat whom.  Andrew’s 26-15 win in the third round of games proved decisive.

Click here for the block results.

Derek Johnson


Derek Johnson (Tyneside) won the 2-day AC Handicap Competiton at Albert Park over the weekend of 1-2 May 2021

It was a pleasure meeting up with fellow croquet players from around the North, after so many months in Covid isolation without much competitive activity on the lawns. We were also lucky that the bank‑holiday weekend weather was relatively fine, although on the cold side. Resulting from existing restrictions, we had only eight competitors (two from the home club).

John & Fiona Crompton (York CC)
Anthony Miller (Peterlee)
Derek Johnson (Tyneside CC)
Steve Skelton (Keswick CC)
Jim Gillespie (Beverley CC)
Roger Staples & Julian Gibson (Middlesbrough CC)

The format was two blocks of four each day, playing three 18-point games.

On the Sunday the top block comprised those players who had come 1st or 2nd in each block on Saturday, the remainder being placed in the other block. Hoop points were also used to determine rank. Click here for the block scores.

Derek came out top, with Roger in second place.

Handicap reductions – Derek Johnson 10 to 8, Anthony Miller 3 to 2.5, 

Bronze Award – Jim Gillespie

Charles Waterfield (manager/referee)

Annual Middlesbrough One-Day B Level Tournament

The Annual Middlesbrough Croquet Club One Day B Level Tournament 2021 took place on 17 April and was won by Derek Knight.

The weather was good for Middlesbrough Croquet Clubs first Tournament of the season. The field comprised 6 players from Croquet North Federation area plus two regular visitors from Yorkshire and Cumbria.

For the majority of players this was the first competitive outing of the season and this together with time limit of 2 hour 15 minutes resulted in a majority of games going to time.

After a wobble in his first game Derek Knight then got into his stride running out a worthy winner.

Full results……………….


Roger Staples beat Phil Errington +2 (t)
Dennis Scarr beat Steve Skelton +5 (t)
Derek Watts beat Charles Waterfield +6 (t)
Derek Knight beat Terry Vernazza +9 (t)
Dennis Scarr beat Roger Staples +4 (t)
Derek Knight beat Derek Watts +19 
Derek Knight beat Dennis Scarr +15


Terry Vernazza beat Charles Waterfield +5 (t)
Phil Errington beat Steve Skelton +1 (t)
Derek Watts beat Terry Vernazza +9 
Phil Errington beat Charles Waterfield +4 (t)
Steve Skelton beat Roger Staples +25

Good to be playing croquet again and in the current Covid restricted environment another success for the increasingly popular one day tournament format.

Dennis Scarr – Manager

2021 – The Season Ahead

Following a well-attended AGM on 13 March (21 attendees by Zoom), Croquet North is looking forward to the resumption of near normal play in 2021, although the pace of this will necessarily depend on how the relaxation of government covid rules progresses.

A number of events are now in the Calendar and are expected to take place. We hope that the list to expand as we get later into the year.

The main constraints, are of course those government rules together with the fact that a number of clubs use greens hired from third parties (e.g. local councils) who are controlling the speed of opening up.

One consequence is that there might not be enough time for League competitions to get back to normal in 2021. The situation will be clarified as soon as possible.

2021 Annual General Meeting of Croquet North

The 2021 AGM of Croquet North will take place online via Zoom on Saturday 13 March 2021 at 10 am and is open to all CN club members

Those wishing to ‘attend’ must register their intention to do so by 9 March. The AGM Agenda and AGM registration process may be found in the Members’ Area of this web site. (Members who have not accessed this section before will need to register to do so).

Covid-19 update

The CA have again updated their website (see this link). Please continue to refer to the CA guidelines if advice is needed.

Currently only Alnmouth and Bamburgh clubs are known to have started croquet play. The Tyneside club is preparing to open soon, but other CN clubs are having difficulty accessing their playing areas.

Individual clubs will be able to provide more detail about their circumstances.

Covid-19: CA advice to clubs

Following the relaxation of the pandemic regulations in England by the Government, the Croquet Association has issued new guidelines to allow clubs to restart limited playing under strict conditions.

At the moment Croquet North is consulting clubs on their intentions, and the advice for anyone who wants more information is either to look at the club web sites or contact them directly.

We will issue more information when the situation is clearer.