And the winner is …. The Manager !

The early season One Day B Level A.C. Advanced Tournament, for many years managed by Peter McDermott, was held on Sat 13th April at Albert Park, Middlesbrough under new tournament manager Dennis Scarr.

The usual 8 player entry was reduced to 5 this year with handicaps ranging from 0 to 3.5.

The tournament is known to be fast moving with quite testing time limits of two and a quarter hours with no programmed break for lunch. Despite the relatively tight time allowance only 2 games went to time.

Those taking part were Andrew Killick ( 0 ) Dennis Scarr ( 1 ) and Roger Staples ( 2.5 ) – all Middlesbrough, Terry Vernazza ( 2.5 ) from Tyneside and Ian Hall ( 3.5 ) from Keswick.

The weather was dry however a chilly breeze hung around from much of the day. In keeping with weather locally over recent days, tea time provided the best weather conditions. The lawns at Middlesbrough were, as ever, excellent.

Middlesbrough CA One-Ball Tournament

Winner: Nigel Roberts; runner-up: Ken Spragg

This year’s event, our twelfth, involved ten players from CN clubs, mainly Middlesbrough but also Tyneside, Belsay and Durham. The tournament was as usual a heat in the national charity One-ball, this year the Alzheimer’s Society. The weather was cool, to say the least, but the lawns were in good shape for so early in the season.

Handicaps ranged from 0.5 to 18 (those below 2 played off further‑reduced HCs) and one‑third the bisque difference was used. Time-limits of 40 minutes were never reached. Round‑robin draws were selected by the manager.

As we were reduced from the original 12 entries after last-minute cancellations, it was easily possible to play the 9 rounds needed to complete the block. Nigel won allhis games and was clear victor (having also won last year’s event). Stumps were drawn shortly after 3pm, allowing people to return home for a warming cup of tea!

Final results:

  1. Nigel Roberts (Mbro)  
  2. Ken Spragg (Mbro)  
  3. John Fitzpatrick (Mbro)  
  4. Julian Gibson (Mbro)  
  5. Andrew Carpenter (Durham)
  6. Mike Akester (Mbro)
  7. Phil Errington (Belsay)
  8. Terry Vernazza (Tyneside)
  9. Dennis Scarr (Mbro)
  10. David Millener (Tyneside)

Reporter & Manager: Charles Waterfield