Regulations for AC Handicap Leagues

This league is designed to introduce competitive play to Association Croquet (AC) players with handicaps of up to 20. Teams are made up of 3 players per club team selected by the club selector/manager so that there is ideally one low handicap player and two higher handicap players.

The format is that each player plays two games (each with a time limit of 3 hour 15 min). The low handicap player plays two doubles games while the higher handicap players play one doubles and one singles game. This means that the higher handicap players get the support of the better (lower handicap) player in the doubles game and is matched with someone with a similar (though often not the same) handicap when playing singles. Bisques (ie extra turns) are used to take account of the differences in player handicaps for both singles and doubles games.

The CN League Manager advises the clubs of the dates and venues of the matches at the beginning of each playing season. Sometimes the dates are changed by mutual agreement between the playing clubs.